What are clinical research studies? A clinical research study is a specifically targeted medical study. These studies are carefully designed to make sure investigational medications meet FDA standards for safety and effectiveness. Study participants take investigational medications under the supervision of our physicians and advanced research professionals.

Why conduct clinical research studies? We conduct research studies to advance human knowledge of medications. In order to be approved for use in the United States, every medication must first be tested and proven to be safe and effective through clinical research studies. Even currently-approved drugs may need additional research studies to prove their safety and effectiveness in treating conditions other than those for which they were first approved.

Are clinical research studies regulated or monitored? Any medical study must first be approved by an Institutional Review Board or Ethics Committee. These groups are administered by the United States government and are responsible for helping to protect the rights of study participants. Additionally, study-related medical tests and exams are provided for participants throughout a study to ensure the health and safety of all study participants.

Why should I participate in clinical research studies? Medical studies help develop and evaluate new solutions to health problems. Some study participants receive new investigational medications. All participants in studies conducted by Irvine Center for Clinical Research are offered monetary compensation for time and travel. Without such studies, new medications would simply not be possible.

Which clinical research studies are currently seeking participants? We have openings in medical studies for: Depression, Gout, Gout and Heart Disease, Hepatitis C, Hyperuricemia, Low Sex Drive and Depression, Low Testosterone, and Men’s Sexual Health. Other common studies at our site include Anxiety, Diabetes, ED, High Cholesterol, and Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)--please contact us to be added to our priority interest list.

Who can participate in clinical research studies? Every clinical research study has unique guidelines used to determine who is eligible to participate. These usually include a participant’s gender, age, type of condition, medical history, and current health. To see if you are eligible to participate in one of our studies, please contact us for a no-cost study screening with our physicians.

What is a clinical research study screening? A study screening is a no-cost consultation which is used to determine whether you are eligible to participate in a clinical research study and to provide information about the study to anyone who is interested in clinical research studies. Our doctors and research coordinators will assist you in understanding what is involved in the clinical research study as well as your rights as a participant. They will ask about your medical history and you may be given some tests at no cost.

Do I need health insurance to participate? Insurance is not required. We will not bill your insurance and there is never any cost to you for our services.

Can I ask questions during a clinical research study screening? Absolutely. To ensure you are comfortable participating in a medical study, it is important to bring up any questions or concerns during your study screening. You will likely want to know the purpose of a study, what medications you may be taking, what side-effects you might experience, what procedures or tests you will receive, and how often your health will be monitored at the clinic.

What happens during clinical research studies? Medical studies test the effects of investigational medications on study participants. Doctors closely evaluate and monitor changes in the health of participants, and learn how effective the investigational medications are.

How long do clinical research studies last? Most of our medical studies last for at least two months, and may last up to several months. You are free to discontinue your participation in a study at any time and for any reason.