I'm still struggling with depression..


I've tried a depression medication..


I want to do something about my depression..


If you're still experiencing depression symptoms, we may be able to offer you a new option in a research study.

With Major Depressive Disorder, sadness can be both profound and persistent. If you or a loved one is still fighting depression, even after trying medication, our doctors invite you to a free in-person consultation.

Our doctors and staff will provide you with one-on-one consultations throughout the study. If you qualify, you will receive 5-6 months of:

  • Currently marketed antidepressants at no cost
  • Investigational drug, Seroquel XR, or placebo at no cost
  • Doctor's visits related to the study at no cost
  • Payments to you for your time, as well as your travel expense
  • You do not need health insurance to participate

To learn more, and to schedule an initial consultation with our doctors, please call us today at 800-856-8121.

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