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We are looking for individuals, aged 60-75 years, who have not been diagnosed with any memory impairment, but have a specific form of a gene that can increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. We’re currently recruiting in the USA and other countries around the world. This website is intended for residents of the USA.

About the Generation Program

The Generation Program is made up of two clinical trials: Generation Study 1 and Generation Study 2. Each trial will last for 5 – 8 years and will be investigating treatment that may be able to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s.

To test our investigational treatment, we’re asking people like you to help. We’re not looking for people with Alzheimer’s, but rather those with a specific form of a gene that can increase the risk of developing the disease.

Not everyone will have this. That’s why we’ll need to get you to take a quick cheek swab test before you can be enrolled, just to see if you’re eligible for the trial.

Only with your help will the trial have the chance to succeed.

The key facts.

  • 5 - 8 year clinical trial

  • You’ll receive an investigational treatment or a placebo, at no cost

  • Regular study site visits (8 in the first year, 4 visits a year thereafter)

  • Reasonable travel costs will be reimbursed

  • Participation is voluntary, you can leave at any time

How do your genes affect Alzheimer’s?

There is a specific form of a gene, called APOE4, which can increase your chances of developing Alzheimer’s.

If you have this gene, it doesn’t mean you will develop the disease. However, it does mean you are at more risk than those without the gene.

This genetic link means people whose relatives have Alzheimer’s may have a greater chance of developing the disease themselves.

This may seem like a frightening prospect. However, individuals with the gene who participate in our studies will have a greater chance of accessing investigational treatment and ultimately might help us beat the disease.

To learn more about our approach to disclosing information about your risk for Alzheimer’s, please click here.

Our support

We will protect your privacy.

We will never share anything or tell anyone that you’re participating without your permission. All information collected during the trial is confidential.

We will protect your rights and welfare.

All materials are reviewed by an institutional review board who will ensure they meet all of the required rules and regulations.

The treatment we’re testing

The treatment we are testing may be able to prevent amyloid-β protein plaques from forming in the brain. This might be able to stop Alzheimer’s before it starts. That’s why we need individuals who are at risk of the disease, but who have not been diagnosed with any memory impairment.

And what is the Amyloid-β protein?

We think this protein may cause Alzheimer’s. It builds up and forms plaques that can damage the brain. These harmful plaques can start 20 years before any symptoms appear. By the time Alzheimer’s is diagnosed, it can already be too late. That’s why we need to act early.

How it all works.

Step 1 Eligibility

To qualify you must:

  • Be 60-75 years old

  • Have not been diagnosed with any memory impairment

  • Have a study partner (click here for more information about study partners)

Step 2 Genetic testing

To proceed, we need to know whether your genetics show that you have an increased risk of Alzheimer’s. This requires a quick cheek swab test at your local study site or through the mail.

Step 3 Do something amazing

If you’re eligible for the Generation Program and choose to take part, you’ll be one of the few that can join the fight to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Do Something Amazing. Volunteer

If you choose choose to take part, you could be one of the few that can join the fight to prevent Alzheimer’s.

We need to know whether your genetics show that you have an increased risk of Alzheimer’s. If you already know that you are a carrier of the APOE4 gene we can put you in touch with your nearest Generation Program site.

If you don’t know whether or not you carry the APOE4 gene, we can help. We’ll just need to take you to the website for one of our partners, GeneMatch, who can mail a cheek swab test kit over to you. If you choose to register for a cheek swab test by mail, you will not be told your results unless you are invited to a study site.

Any questions?

If you would like to find out more information about the Generation Program before signing up, we are always happy to talk. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

Call our team at: (949) 753-1663

The people behind the Generation Program

The Generation Program is a collaboration between a group of leading research organizations. Many of the people involved have been touched in some way by Alzheimer’s.

Novartis: A global healthcare company that provides solutions to address the evolving needs of patients worldwide.

Amgen: One of the world’s leading biotechnology companies. Amgen is a values-based company, deeply rooted in science and innovation to transform new ideas and discoveries into medicines for patients with serious illnesses.

Banner Alzheimer’s Institute: A world leading non-profit organization in Alzheimer's research and care, dedicated to preventing the disease as soon as possible.

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